Monday, 15 August 2011

Arch Heretek and Other WiPs

Evening Readers, wow 10 days since my last update thats rather poor of me :(

However to make up for it I do have some pictures :) been working more on the heretek and after deciding to make him a small entourage have started working on a combat servitor for him:

very pleased with how they are turning out so far, the mechadendrites still need filing down a bit more and I have a further 2 to make.

The servitor still needs a fair bit of work doing largely his arms, one shall have an experimental weapon which will be a hybrid of tau and imperial tech to follow my Hereteks theme of dabbling in forbidden technologies :)

I plan to make some more stuff for his entourage including:

  • True scale Word Bearer
  • 1 or 2 skitarii
  • Female techno assassin
  • Daemonhost

and possibly a mutant.

These will progress very slowly, for the true scale marine I shall likely be trying Doghouses method using Terminator legs and largely sculpting the torso :)

Next up we have a test model for the Steel Praetorians, his weapons and other bits still need painting but I wanted to get his armour colours sorted first:

This is the 2nd attempt at the purple the first one coming out far to bright and pinky, big thanks to Nife over on Ammo Bunker for providing me with his method of painting a nice deep purple.

It's also come to my attention via Rictus that the scroll bars I have added to my blog lists don't work properly in internet explorer :(
I use firefox and they display fine in that and also tested it out on Chrome and it works fine in that. I shall try and fix the problem if not I will  have to remove the code :(

Thats it for now, let me know what you think guys :)

Also welcome to new followers: HOT, Simonster and Red cheers for the support guys


  1. Good progress on the heretek the Combat servitor looks excellent so far.

    What you going to arm the servitor with?

  2. Yes they are both very nice conversions.
    I'm psyched to see more.

  3. I really like how the colour scheme has turned out, the silver and purple really work well together.

  4. Really liking the purple sir, saw the first attempt and must say this is alot better.

    Doc Ock is looking awesome thus far, gs work is vedy clean and nifty. Combat servitor is coming along nicely, you should post up the concept pic too ;)


  5. sorry for the really slow reply guys :(

    Thanks for all the comments they are appreciated :)

    @Brummie: hes going to be armed with a claw arm and an experimental gun for his other arm :)