Sunday, 28 August 2011

INQ28mm skitarii WiP

Evening readers, it hasn't been 10 days since my last update so I've kept my promise :P

Had a day of watching sport today UFC from last night, plus the F1 and most of the Man City game quite odd for me haha.

I have however been working on some bits and pieces whilst watching them chief amongst them being the first skitarii for my Hereteks retinue:

Hes based on a cadian with a lot of GS work and still loads more to go, used a ghoul head for him to get that angry chaos style expression, will likely add a horn bursting through his hood just to show the effects of exposure to chaos on him despite the Hereteks fluff making him not specifically a chaos worshipper.

Also managed to get the 3rd mechadendrite done and attached to the heretek and a bit more work done on the armature for my techno assassin woman:

In other news brought my ticket for Gamefest the other night so will be at the NEC 2 weeks in a row given how GD is the weekend after it.

On the subject of games I'm still on the fench about Space Marine, the demo was good far better than I thought it was going to be. But given the number of games I want to get over the next few months (Dead island, Arkham city, Bloodrayne: betrayal and Battlefield 3 to name just a few) I'm not sure whether to get it or keep the money to go towards one of them :(

Also welcome to new followers The Antipope, Lukas and Tinners cheers for the support guys :)

Well thats it for now shall have another update in a day or 2 as I'm blitzing through the GS work on teh IG kill team :)

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