Friday, 5 August 2011

Arch Heretek WiP

Evening readers,

Its update time and as promised its based around the plastic chaos sorcerer lord I am converting. The model arrived yesterday and I've been working on it on and off both today and yesterday.

There however has been a slight change of plan, I've opted to go for a Heretek instead of loyalist Ad Mech as this gives me a bit more options to add some character too him. So heres the heavily WiP pictures then I will talk through them:

Right although he is chaos aligned my idea is that he uses it as a way of accessing warp based tech as well as for protection such as working with a Chaos Traitor Legion or Warband. With this theme in mind I didn't want him to be to heavily mutated, so he will look pretty much like a loyalist tech priest but with chaos influenced Armour and symbols.

The main thing I' adding to give him some character is Xenos tech, my idea being that no longer tied to the strict mandates of the Ad Mech he can experiment with alien technology. So he has an Eldar plasma grenade as well as various bits of Tau tech on his belt.

the mechadrites are very much WiP, using thin Florists wire as the basis for them with my rather clumsy plastic card skills for the claws at the end of them :P

Well thats it for now guys, as ever let me know what you think :)


  1. Looks awesome. I still think you should sculpt a Game of Thrones game.

    Boromir base for Stark, Denethor for commander of the Watch and lots of zombies!


  2. Promising mate, promising!

    The business-end of that cog-axe is spot on, but I think the rear part of it looks a wee bit too massive.

    Very nice sculpting on the cabling, btw. I approve of the Doc Ock-style grabber claws, too. :D

    I haven't read a Game of Thrones, but I have no hesitation in agreeing with SC nonetheless - as long as we get to see more sculpting from you. ;)

  3. Very nice so far. I think the Axe is fine as it is. I think it would look unbalanced if you know what i mean

  4. Very nice, the mini has turned out to be an excellent base for it.

    I might have some mechadendrites knocking around in the bits box if you are after some.

  5. Looks pretty nifty so far dude!

    What you got planed for the doc-ock arms? some sort of tubing or something else? ;)

  6. Cheers for all the replys guys :)

    @Steve: cheers dude and I might make some game of thrones things on one condition, you have to make some too ;)

    @Rasmus: ah the Devious Dane has found out how to comment :P thanks sir, the hammer head on the axe has come up a bit big on the pics in person its not too bad, plus I need to extend the weapon into a staff so I might balance it out more :)

    @Rictus: cheers dude, I might take you up on those mechadendrites :)

  7. Curses ninja'd by the kiwi :P

    @Foot: not to sure I might just use GS to bulk them out. Or I might get some guitar string to put over them :)

  8. I'm glad you didn't go loyalist on this one, my suggestion was better! :p

    Obviously the conversion is shaping up fantastically thus far, I don't really have anything clever to suggest for once. The addition of the Xenos tech is a great idea, differentiates him from his ignorant Imperial counterparts. :)

  9. Great sculpt man, he looks Staunch as!

  10. Cheers guys :)

    @Feral: lies you always have something clever to say :P

    @Red: cheers sir, I think the static pose works pretty well for him give him a bit of an air of menace :)