Friday, 26 August 2011

INQ28mm combat servitor and some IG

10 days again between updates, I'm sorry guys :( had a bit of time off from hobby things which has paid off as its allowed me to fully plan out the skitarii I will be making :D

So we have a few updates, fist up the Combat Servitor is very nearly finished:

Arch Heretek Malek and his Combat Servitor

Very happy with him so far, the gun arm still needs finishing off mind. The plan for teh bladed arm was to make it look like its based on an alien weapon so I used Dark Eldar blades, Ive then sculpted on teh pistons and a plate of armour to tie him to the Heretek.

His legs have also been bulked out a little as they were looking to thin.

I haven't managed to get much more done on the heretek, the mechadendrites take some time to make :(

Next up news wise is that I have started making a 10 man Kill Team to use on the Ammo Bunkers "Spiders Web" board at Games Day. Opted for IG and have gone for a halo ODST feel to them whilst trying to keep them "40k" they are still Heavily WiP :

The Sarge is a counts as bastonne and his USR for the day will be feel no pain, so I've given him the heavily scared head and bionic arm from the cadian command squad to represent this :).

In other news it looks like I will no longer be getting a contemptor pattern dreadnought given that the money I had put a sside for it I instead spent on these:

2 Signed J Scott Campbell art books Which have been shipped from America and should be here soon I hope :D  I don't get the free print mind as I brought them off his webstore and not at the convention :P

The more I thought about it the more I thought that the contemptor is too expensive, can't justify that sort of money on a single model especially when I don't game much where as I enjoy art books alot having also recently aquired the Art of Darksiders book.

I think my likely purchases at GD will be some single models to convert for INQ28mm :)

Welcome to new follower Vent too, cheers for the support dude :)

Well thats it for now, I promise this time it won't be as long between updates :(


  1. Very nice work the servitor looks great

  2. Servitor is shaping up nicely.

  3. Dude, very nice work as usual. The halo-esqe helmet is looking good, I think you've done a good job of making it recognizable Halo and still fit in the 40k universe.

    Finally got the art books too, eh? They good? :)

  4. Servitor looks really decent! Not too corrupted which suits the heretek's limited Chaos-use. Bastonne looks brilliant!

  5. Cheers guys :)

    @Rasmus: nah they haven't turned up yet :( they were shipped over a week ago so should hopefully be here within a week