Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Brain Storming

Evening readers,

Bit of a random post here as it will have no models in it, but instead a few ideas for up and coming projects. First up I finally ordered my Games Day ticket yesterday, which got me thinking about what I shall buy at GD and well its down to a contemptor pattern dreadnaught al least for now, £45 for one model doesn't feel good really :(

The thing is if I get a contemptor I will likely build a small marine force around it with whatever mariney bits I have lying around so the past few days I have been brain storming ideas and have come up with this scheme:

I have dubbed them The Steel Praetorians for now, they will have a roman vibe hence the Praetorian name and also the purple to give a nod towards Roman Praetorians. I  was thinking the chest eagles and any other roman or greek inspired stuff I sculpt on (carved faces, eagles etc) would be painted up as marble.

This plan of course depends on if I get a contemptor or not hahaha

Another plan though will work, at the same time as ordering my GD ticket I also ordered the new plastic chaos sorcerer lord to use as a basis for a conversion. This was inspired by 2 threads over on Dakka Dakka:

Pimp my Wizard 40k

Pimp my Sorcerer 40k

these are 2 very inspiring threads, the idea behind them being to take one of the new GW plastic fantasy wizards and convert them to 40k, with me loving character making I thought I would give it a go, so armed with a picture of the Sorcerer lord from the GW website and GIMP i have made up whis sketch of what I plan to do:

Will be some form of Ad mech commander who might possibly might be my first step into 28mm scale Inquisitor as championed by Molotov in his blog Inq28mm of course I'm gettign a head of myself need to convert the ad mech guy first :P

Well thats it for now the sorcerer model should arrive in a day or 2 and work can begin, so I will liekly be back when some progress has been made on him :)

Also Welcome to new followers spyrle and fabio cheers for the support guys :)


  1. Concept looks a good idea. Maybe use as an IG command?

  2. cheers dude :) mmm some of the IG rules could work quite well with him, I'll have to have a look in the codex.