Sunday 13 December 2015

Tau Empire: Crisis Battlesuit Team

 Its been a long time guys and girls,

Must admit I've been rather distracted from posting of late, with the Christmas rush on much of my time is taken up by work. Then you had the added distractions of Halo 5 and Star Wars: Battlefront.

I have however been working away on stuff in the back ground and have enough finished bits and pieces for a few updates.

Today I present the first squad of Crisis Suits for my Tau, now although I have had Tau since they first released I have always been sparse on the battlesuit side due to never really being a big fan of the plastic kit.

This has changed since I got my hands on some cheap XV9 suits, I love the aesthetic of them look more alien than the plastics:

The repainting and reworking of my Tau has been going on since around 2008(yes I'm that slow) but it seems to me that I'm growing nearer and nearer completion. With the recent Tau release I only added a squad of Breachers and a Ghostkeel to my back log with the backs of the breachers already being broken.

Much of that back log is simply suits and vehicles the infantry core of the army actually being finished. Its getting quite scary being so close to finishing a force....

I'm working on quite the variety of stuff at the moment so as well as a few more Tau focused updates expect Dungeon Saga, Frostgrave, Bloodrage and Infinity to appear along the way, here's a WiP:

Thats it for now  then, I hope to get back into the swing of things posting wise :)


  1. So you are still alive!

    Suits look good, I do like the little flowers on the woodland bases as well.

  2. Well done on the suits mate, neat brushwork as usual. You're quite right that they are better models than the standard suits too.

    Grenzers' looking good as well, camo is a bit hard to make out properly though - I think there's too little contrast between the red and black, if I'm to be honest. It ends up having an actual camo effect and obsuring the model a bit. :)