Tuesday 13 October 2015

Frostgrave: Assorted WiPs

Evening guys,

Been quiet in here again of late, must say I've been rather busy in real life with work and a trip to Stockholm the other week.

I however have a few things to show for this update and a few saved for a more Deadzone themed one over the weekend.

First up we have some work in progress skeletons for the random encounters table:

These are some of the mantic ones I have left over from my Dungeon Saga Revenant conversions. They are pretty fun to paint, fairly quick too. going to be doing about another 4 or so of them to cover me for the table.

Next up we have the next member of my Necromancer warband an infantryman:

Really really enjoying working on these, I think theres only a couple more options I need to convert then they will all be ready for painting.

With some left over GS I had a play with adding chain mail to a stock Frostgrave plastic soldier:

It works quite well. The next warband I make will have a more mercenary feel of hired swords.

Well thats it for this quick update, will be back over the weekend with a more sci-fi themed one :)


  1. Looking good! Really liking the new axe guy and the skellies are coming along great ^^

  2. Blue and white heraldry works well with the snow.

    Out of interest, thoughts on the new Tau stuff?