Wednesday 16 December 2015

Horus Heresy: Dark Apostle WiP

Evening guys and girls,

I have a quick mid week update for you tonight.

My Heresy era Word Bearer force is still bubbling away in the background. Its not a current priority if I'm honest. The Tau and assorted board games are currently ahead of it in the painting queue.

However with the release of the plastic heresy kits and Nife and Rictus both getting the set I ended up buying the plastic chaplain off Rictus. I planned to make it into a Dark apostle for the force, here is progress so far:

I've cut the front of his helmet off and replaced it with the one from a dark vengeance chosen, as I will run him as a Diabolist it works rather well. In keeping with the tactical marines I have done so far I've added a little chaos style trim to his one leg and the legion symbol to his chest.

Need to sort out his Cronzius and tidy him up a bit more and he will be good to paint. What do you guys think?


  1. That's great Simon!

    Have you considered some archaic markings and vague scripture scratched Ito the armour?

  2. Night flawless GS work mate, it blends perfectly with the original sculpting style.