Saturday 9 April 2011

Some Work in Progress stuff

Evening Readers its that time again where I talk nonsense :P

This post is largely WiP stuff some of it in a painting form as I continue to experiment with the wet palette and others are some bits of sculpting.

First up here are the WiP models painting wise.



the second gladiator from the strike team, he doesn't need to much else doing to him to be honest. I'm particularly happy with the skin and OSL around the lens on his helmet

Next up we have the old Colonel Straken model:



this guy is pretty heavily WiP only got the skin and bandanna finished so far. Though considering I only found him in a bits box this morning I'm pretty happy :P plan on trying to do digital camo on his combats not looking forward to that haha

Now onto the Sculpting stuff, been having a bit of a play around with Sons of Sek vets and doing some armour to make them stand out from the regular troopers:


quite pleased with them both so far, the one on the left has a blocky breast plate similar to the Damogaurs. The one on the right is an experiment with chainmail I think it works well but feels more blood pact than sons of sek to me.

well thats it for now, as ever let me know what you think :)


  1. Nice stuff again, the second Gladiator looks good although you need to work on the OSL more (I wouldn't of noticed if you didn't mention it :p)

    Straken looks pimp too, the flesh tones are great. :)

  2. Good work u smelly thing.

    Gladiator dude is coming along nicely as is Straken. Tho with him i think you should make it look alittle more pinker/reder around where the skin meets metal, i can see that u have done some already but make it slightly darker or even add a smidge of purple ;)

    The sons are looking rather snazzy also.