Thursday 14 April 2011

Colonel Straken finished

Well its update time again,

managed to finish off straken and must say I'm really happy with him, think he might be the best thing I've painted haha

heres the pics:





doesnt show the digital camo to well and the photos have washed out the highlights on the glove and plasma pistol :( spotted a few areas that need tidying up too.

I'm going to have a bit of a break from painting and hobby stuff now, I'm finding 40k and GW stuff in general very uninspiring at the moment which has hit my mojo a bit. Shall have a week of so break then I will likely carry on with the gladiators and also my Flame of War force.

A possible future project has by chance landed in my lap too, got the normal newsletter off Wayland games, this time saying they will be U.K./E.U. distributors for game called heavy gear, so I had a look at the Heavy Gear site and have been really taken by their models(Who doesn't like mechs :P )

Depending on price of course, I think I might do a small combined arms force of them. As I think the small size of the infantry is a really good contrast to the mechs themselves :)

Well thats it for now as ever let me know what you think :)


  1. Impressive, I agree with you in that your painting is getting better - the flesh and fatigues in particular are lovely. :)

  2. He looks great! Very nice skin tones.
    I see the digi's awesome man.
    I'm digging the plant base too.

  3. Cheers guys :)

    @Luckyno.5: I've had some aquarium plants knocking around for ages this was finally something I could use them on :P. The digi camo didn't turn out to be as hard to do as I thought just takes ages to do :(