Wednesday 20 April 2011

Flames of War SS and Sketches

Evening Readers time for another update this time involving some small scale stuff and a few sketches.

I'm still pretty much on my hobby break but have been doing the odd bit of painting, mainly on my FoW SS force.

I've been updating one of my panzer grenadier platoons because frankly the orginal paint job I did on them a few years ago was so bad I'm not even goign to show it. So I have been repainting their summer and autumn oak leaf, adding the odd highlight to the skin and addign some extra details to the bases, so far I have the command stand and 2 infantry stands done for platoon 2( already fully updated the first platoon a while back):

Also I have started work on a Jagdpanther, I had got this model basecoated ages ago but never finished it so now I'm doing the details, will add some foliage to it as well as some decals if I can find the sheet :(

Now onto the sketches, been playing about with the tablet again, this time practising drawing female faces in my ever evolving style they are rough but they were fairly quick sketches. So what better place to look than games for inspiration so we have:

An Asari from the Mass Effect series, which is amongst my favourite series of games of all time as well as having some of the best alien designs out there. If you havent played it go get them! :P

Next up is Lady from Devil may cry 4, had the game for years but still haven't played it much on account of my Xbox breaking at the time I got it and then when I eventually got a new one me getting distracted with other games :( I plan to fix that soon though.

Plan on practicing male faces next which gives me a good excuse to draw some of the characters from Darksiders( also an awesome game)

Those with sharp eyes will notice I have added an extra banner to the top of the blog this is my crude skills with GIMP being put to use, it hasn't come out to badly but anyone with photoshop experience would be able to make something much better with ease. Decided to add it to try add some extra colour to the blog I plan on messing with some backgrounds at some point too.
All this is inspired by what LuckyNo.5 has done over on his Eye of Error blog, the extra touches he has added to the blog make it look really good, so I'm going to attempt to shamelessly copy them with likely inferior results :P

Also welcome to CMDante forgot to say this the past 2 updates which is rather dumb of me, cheers for the support dude :)

Well thats it for this update, as ever any comments and feed back is more than welcome :)

*Of course  the Asari is copyright of Bioware and Lady is copyright of Capcom

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  1. Eyes are still wonky. :P

    As I said, a solid start but the eyes are too big which makes them look too cartoonish. :)