Sunday, 8 March 2015

Horus Heresy: Word Bearers #3

Evening guys and girls,

Theres been a slight gap between updates, I blame this solely on work sucking all my energy and life out of me.

Anyway I have some progress to show on the word bearers, I now have 5 up to a fairly decent standard:

I must say I am really enjoying working on these guys, their armour is largely finished I just need to finish off some bits of weathering and pick out other details. Its also go to have been the first time in 5 years that I have painted a word bearers legion symbol. I'm not as rusty as I thought I would be haha.

I have also been trying to paint some of the astrological symbols that are on a lot of the FW word bearers bits onto their shoulder pads. They are quite crude but I rather like how they look.

In other news I had a parcel arrive this week, it contained the below sacred text:

I am still working my way through it but must say it is hugely inspirational. Theres a fair few techniques I want to give a spin from the book. So I shall be returning to infinity whilst working on the word bearers at the same time.

Theres a few bits I want to try on my Plague for deadzone too.

Anyway thats it for now guys, I may well have a more terrain inspired update mid week :)


  1. Those look fantastic - nice work, man!

  2. Fantastic Word Bearers. Really nice.

  3. Looking great mate, the astro symbols are perfect.

  4. Astro symbols are definitely looking good. Keeps them mainly uniform but adds a little bit of character.

  5. Damn good work mate, you're making me want to to some word bearers to support the sons.

    1. Cheers sir, you should go for it would love to see your take on them :)

  6. Brilliant work so far. Especially liking the astrology signs on the pads.