Sunday, 29 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Word Bearers #5

Evening Guys and girls,

As promised yesterday here is another update, this time Word bearers themed.

I'm progressing rather well with the first Tactical squad shouldnt be too much longer until they are finished. Here is how they currently stand:

These two are all but finished just need to do the final bits on their back packs and weather the shoulder pads.

Current state of the rest of the squad, as I said they are very near completion, one of the more time consuming jobs left to do will be the power weapon effect on the sarges sword.

In last weeks update I mentioned that I had placed a small order with Warlord games with the bulk of it going towards the word bearers. I ordered a single sprue of their plastic German Grenadiers as I wanted to test their scale:

To me they work perfectly to show the bulk and scale of a marine without having to resort to true scaling which from past experience rapidly burns me out.

I'm planning on doing a small detachment of traitor army to ally alongside the Word Bearers nothing huge but they will be used to break up painting massed of red power armour. With a few little conversions I think that the warlord plastics will be just the ticket.

What do you guys think?


  1. I admire your ability to batch paint.

    Even the thought of it makes me quiver in fear.

    If you can properly 40K up the Warlord plastics they will work a treat. Lots of scraps of unholy texts and parchments right?

  2. Nice scale on the army units! Just add lots of spikes and skulls and they'll be 40k in no time.

  3. Of course ze Germans make an appearance.

    How you doing your bases though mate, give us the run down of how you're painting them! Go on, schnell!