Sunday, 22 March 2015

Assorted projects

Evening guys and girls,

only a small update for you again this week, work is killing me at the moment I get home and normally hit a comatose state or just want to chill and watch TV.

I have managed to get a bit more done on the word bearers but I will save that for the next update. Today is more a batch of random odds and ends I've been working on:

Next batch of bits for Dungeon saga, I picked up the Dark elf from hasslefree as I love the sculpt, he will run duel duty as a hero or villain.

With the latest Deadzone kickstarter now running I have been doing the odd bit of work on my Plague:

The guy on the left needs a lot more work doing on him, the one on the right is nearing completion sculpting wise 

I recently put in a small order with Warlord games for some bits to put towards the word bearers (more on this in the next update) at the same time I took the opportunity to pick up a single model from the Beyond the Gates of Antares range:

This guy is an Algoryn AI trooper,, hes a very nice sculpt will be a one off for now but may have to look back into the range at a later date. I hope to get him painted up soon.

In none hobby news, after being recommended them by Grizz a stupid amount of time ago I finally picked up the first 2 volumes of Lazarus

Really good little comic this, can whole heartedly recommend it, I think Volume 3 is out at the end of the month too.....

Well thats it for this week, I hope to have something a bit more constructive to show next week.


  1. I've not read Lazarus but Rucka also wrote Batwoman: Elegy, which is really good.

    How many models do you have for Dungeon Saga now?

    1. Pick it up sir its rather good, just picked up the first volume of one called Ravine as im a big fan of Stjepan Sejics art.

      Well I have probs around 10 models for it, im not going OTT due to the amount I'll be getting with the kickstarter just fleshing it out abit and scratching a few conversion itches. That and any fantasy type model that cataches my eye such as the dark elf I'll likely pick up for it.

  2. Strange, Blogspot must have deleted the comment I left a few days ago.

    Skellies look ace mate, the GS details you've done on them sets them apart from stock nicely.

    How's the quality on the GoA model? And is that something you're getting into?

    1. Blogspot obviously dislikes Danes ;)

      The GoA model is very nice kinda reminds me of a cross between an infinity model and GW model detail and design wise. Its something I might look at in the future as it has caught my interest however for now it'll just be this single guy.