Saturday, 28 March 2015

Get my Armada off the ground

Evening guys and girls,

Bit of a bonus update for you today, a proper update will go up tomorrow as normal.

Yesterday I received Star Wars Armada, I'm still waiting on the fighter squadron expansions that I ordered at the same time however I thought a few of you would be interested in a few pics:

Its quite the monster of a box, though I think if you take out some of the card board fillers you would be able to fit most the current armada range into it.

Anyway onto pics, first up the Imperials:

Victory Class Star Destroyer, very nice model

Swarm of Tie Fighters

The Star Destroyer is fantastic and a lot bigger than I was expecting. For such small pieces the Tie fighters are very nice, will have to get around to painting them.

Next up the Rebels:

The rebel ships are again very nice though absolutely tiny compared to the victory class Star Destroyer, who knows how big the Imperial class Star Destroyer will be when they release it.

The X-wings are even more impressive than the tie fighters level of detail wise.

Puny rebel scum

I've had a skim through the rules and it looks like a very fun and tactical little game, I'm going to have to learn them all and then give the game a spin at the next meet up....

Well thats it for now guys, I'll be back tomorrow with some word bearers :)


  1. Oh no, you didn't, did you? I've been trying to resist the draw of Armada since I saw the preview a while back, so I hope for my sake its a horribly unplayable monstrosity of a system.

  2. Dooooooo it buy the game sir.....

  3. So are the X-Wings and TIE's unpainted then?