Sunday, 15 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Word Bearers 4#

Evening guys and girls,

only a small update for you tonight I'm afraid. I've been sorting out the next bits and pieces to paint after the current tactical squad. These are part of the little 500pt list I have put together.

First up we have a Contemptor:

I have had this guy in pieces since the contemptor dread was first released, thats how bad I am with actually working on things.............

Next up an apothecary:

Also in the past week I received a win from eBay, a set of Cataphractii termies:

They came with a reaper auto cannon, thunder hammer and combi plasma as well as the standard combi bolters and power axes. All in all a fairly good win.

Well thats it for this very small update. I will have a painting update next week :)


  1. And you bitch and moan about me taking three weeks to unbag some models. Pfft...

    Good work on getting those Cataphactii too, love the models. You planning to do much to them or keep them relatively stock?

  2. Nice trim on the Contemptor!

  3. Terminator bases are too small, get it sorted son.

    Dread looks good though, your improvements are as subtle as they are brilliant.

  4. The contemptor returns! I seem to recall him from a while ago... This time you're not getting out of painting him! Still amazed by the improvements you're doing on him, like Dave says they're subtle but fits to a tee.