Thursday, 26 February 2015

Horus Heresy: Word Bearers #2

Evening guys,

It appears these mid week updates are becoming a regular thing, scary isnt it haha.

Anyway this is a small update more to show where I'm at with the test word bearer and to get some of your thoughts on the red so far:

I've taken the advice from comments on the last post and glazed him a few times with the base coat colour, Army Painter Chaotic red. This is a very dark browny red and I must say I am very happy with how he has come out.

I still need to do some weathering on him with a sponge and finish off a fair few bits but I think this is how the red for the army will look.

Here he is next to a marine with the base bright red on just so you can see how much darker he is:

Well thats it for this quick little update, I'll be back over the weekend :)


  1. Much better!

    I like the little freehand details as well.

  2. Now that is a much better looking Word Bearer now that you've toned down the bright armour.

    The green eyes really set the helmet off too!

    Good work mate.