Thursday, 19 February 2015

Mhara Gal

Evening guys and girls,

Very small update for you all tonight. The Mhara Gal that I ordered at the Horus Heresy weekender arrived earlier in the week, its an absolutely stunning model.

I thought I would take a few pictures of some of the parts as I haven't seen many pics of it online:

I'm certainly looking forward to painting it up, however I think I will be keeping it as a reward for finishing a chunk of other Word Bearers bits. Hopefully the pictures will be useful to any of you guys on the fence about possibly picking one up.

And now its time for a shout out:

The most recent addition to the Irregulars, none other than the Bearded Scotsman Grizz has finally started a blog:

now Grizz needs plenty of nagging to keep up his interest in hobbying so feel free to hassle him. He does rather enjoy playing X-wing so I'm sure we could all badger him into writing about that too ;)

Well thats it for now guys, I'll be back for my normal weekend update :


  1. I would do horrible things to have / paint that and / or the Gal Vorbak.

    I do wonder what real-life lexicon forms the basis of all these snazzy Chaos names?

    Have fun with the Word Bearers, you resin addicted fiend!

    1. They are fantastic models, I have 5 Gal Vorbak and Lorgar himself to do eventually once I've nailed down the scheme.

      you can pick up the odd single Gal Vorbak on eBay you should get one and use it as a truescale marine ;)

  2. Very cool! Appreciate the pics, definitely want to get my hands on one of those!

  3. Guess you just need to flesh out your Gal Vorbak squad once you've done this beauty, make them a reasonable number...

    1. Flesh out? 5 is more than enough they lose the whole centre piece aspect if you have loads of them. You on the other hand need at least 10 templars............ ;)

  4. Wow mate, that looks like a beaut. Can't wait to see it painted!