Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Horus Heresy Weekender Aftermath

Evening guys and girls, a little late getting this one out.

Last weekend was the horus heresy weekender and we took the opportunity to integrate it with one of our normal meet ups. Rictus and Nife were present as always and this time we were joined by Grizz the bearded Scotsman(he'll have a blog soon we have already started the nagging)

The highlight of the weekend was of course the heresy event itself, with the seminars being a good as ever, my personal favourite being the art one as I am rather artisitic at heart, plus Mark Bedford is always funny.

Me and Nife entered our models into the painting competition:

My entry in the cabinet

Nifes Entry in the cabinet

Neither of us won, the award going to a rather stunning Garviel Loken model with very impresive freehand details.

Sadly we couldn't really grab anyone to get a score so we called it a draw(It took the best part of an hour to find the person in charge of giving entries back..............) 

As ever I walked away with a box of loot, some was a reservation order the rest chosen on the day. I have the core of a small force purchased with the show only model and the new Possessed Contemptor on order.

The rest of the weekend saw us playing a few new games, most notably Mars attacks, Dread ball Xtreme and Grizz bought along X-Wing. 

X-wing went down really well, nice and simple basic rules that we picked up very quickly, never got chance to try the advanced rules. Mars Attacks was also fun, operating much like a simplified Deadzone with a lot of crazy event cards thrown in.

Well thats it for this quick update, I'll have something more constructive over the weekend I hope :)


  1. Which show model did you get?

    I hope to see progress on the Possessed Contemptor soon, the details on that look bonkers!

  2. I got the Iron Warrior guy with the power fist, will be the leader of one of my squads though there were proper rules for him in the event programme same as with Alpha Legion one.

    I'm waiting for the possessed guy to come, they had sold out by the time I went to the sales stand so he will be posted to me along with the show only model, his experimental rules are crazy