Sunday, 1 February 2015

Dungeon Saga: Goblin Chieftain

Evening Guys and Girls,

Its time for another update. As you might have noticed I've been having a play around with the layout of the blog and over all theme. I've gone for a nice futuristic vibe as it goes with the direction most of my projects are heading in these days.

Expect me to carry on playing around with it until I'm fully happy with it haha,

Anyway onto the actual update for the night, I've been painting away on the Goblin Chieftain for Dungeon saga and now bar the odd final bits he is done:

The pictures have washed out his skin a bit but over all im really happy with him, been quite a fun model to work on.

In other news my painting has now rotated back to Infinity, been spray undercoating quite a batch of models over the weekend including chunks of operation: icestorm and a few other assorted bits. I have also managed to get the base colours all blocked in on a neo terran bolt:

Also in a fit of inspiration I have done the combats on a test Nomad model:

Trying to do my own take on the studio colour scheme, I'm really pleased with it even if it is rather time consuming to do.

All this however has left me quite distracted from my Horus Heresy Weekender painting compo entry......................

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  1. That's some nice camouflage, and I'm liking the futuristic vibe you've switched to.