Wednesday 3 June 2015

Inq28/Assassinorum Chaos guard

A shock mid week update......

I've been slowly working on bit for the Assassinorum Game in the background these past few weeks. I've mainly been working on some Chaos traitor guard. My idea being to do a rogues gallery of enemies so 5 or 6 traitor guard, some cultists maybe a few mutants.

So there are some of the chaos guard so far:

These guys are largely based on the plastic chaos cultists with heads from the skitarii sprue, the guy at the bottom is based on a spare cadian and a gun off an empire kit.

I feel I've finally settled on the right sort of look for chaos guard, suitably feral and back wards looking with the furs, leather armour and rag tag appearance, but also a bit futuristic with the skitarii helmets and other bits.

Might actually be happier with them than my old Sons of Sek. I figure they can run duel duty with Inq28 too.

Next up a little progress on one of the chaos marines:

Slowly getting there with this guy hes got the nice intimidating bulk compared to the regular traitor guard.

Also in Assassinorum news the Danish gentleman known only as Rasmus sent me across a little parcel a week or 2 back, inside were these:

I do have the Vindicares arm. Thanks to his generosity I only need to hunt down a Cullexus and I have a complete set for the board game :)

Well thats it for now, I'll be back over the weekend with another update :)


  1. Love the Chaos Militia, the helmets work really well with all the furs and bits. I've got more of those helmets spare if you need some!

    The daemonic face on the Legionnaire's leg is brilliant, those teeth must of been a right paint to do. You'll have to bring these down to the South when you venture down next. ;)

    1. I should have enough helmets to last me but I'll give you a shout if I need more :)

      I'll be bringing them down at the end of the month sir so you may well get to see them ;)

  2. Brillant mate, they are perfectly 40k, and have enough chaos vibe to look bad, but not so much they drift into cultists and still have a military feel too them.

    1. Cheers good sir, I've tried to steer clear of the normal chaos spikes and the like. I may add the off trophy to them such as a severed hand but nothing too OTT