Sunday 21 June 2015

Dungeon Saga WiP Wraiths & a little Chaos

Evening guys and girls,

Small update for you tonight, I've been in more of a sculpting mood this past week and have been working on a couple of things a bit more involved than the renegade conversions.

I've been working on a pair of Wraiths for use with Dungeon saga, they are quite involved sculpting wise:

The top half of each of them is a stock mantic skeleton, the lower half is entirely scratch sculpted. Theres still a way to go on these but I have really enjoyed doing a more involved sculpting project again.

I have also done a little work on another renegade for use with the assassinorum game/inq28:

This guy is rocking a heavy stubber, now although there are no rules for this in assassinorum I figure he will provide an option should I want to use it in INQ28 or Necromunda.

Well thats about it for this update, I will likely be back with some more martians during the week


  1. Mmmmm, love me a bit of greenstuff I do! Great looking sculpts.

  2. Great work on the wraiths. Their robes flow very naturally.

  3. Those wraiths looks like they're stock models that are just painted green. Heck of a job mate.