Wednesday 6 May 2015

Travels and Gaming

Evening guys and girls,

been quiet the past couple of weeks, I've actually been getting the odd few games in.

The other weekend I took Star Wars Armada over to Rictus' house for a spin, must say I'm really impressed with it. It plays quite quickly once you have the basics down.

Last weekend I journeyed South and headed to Southampton and the Isle of Wight for a few days. I dropped in on Mr Feral and stayed on the Island with Nife for a few days. Nife being weak willed as ever decided to pick up the Assassinorum Execution Force boxed game:

We had to use bases to represent the assassins and chaos marines. I must admit I came to the game not expecting much other than an excuse to keep the assassin models exclusive for a while. However I left impressed, its quite a fun little board game. Quite tactical and got a good random element to it, we managed to get 2 games in over the weekend and intend to roll it out as a quick game at most proper meet ups.

We also tried out the latest Zombicide game, season 3:

This was the first time facing the new skinner zombies, which proved to be quite nasty especially against weapons that roll large numbers of dice.

Right so onto some models for this update, inspired by the game play I have decided to put together a set for Assassinorum Execution force. However given I really don't need the chaos models and am not fussed on owning the assassins I have taken the cheaper route. 

Thanks to the eBay scalpers I have managed to pick up all the game tiles, rules, cards, dice and tokens for £12 with postage. And I have set to work organizing the mass of chaos bits I already had lying around into the enemies for the game:

Given I only need 3 standard chaos marines for the game I decided to once more tread upon the truescale path. The one on the right is a marine I started converting for INQ28 ages ago, the other 2 are experiments of splicing termie legs and DV chosen. A huge amount of work is needed on them but it should be worth it. They can always be used in inq28 too.

In other news I have been playing around with trying to get a simple but effective camo scheme for my american  marines for Mars Attacks:

They are still WiP but I think I have managed to capture the effect without spending an age on each one doing camo, what do you guys think?

Next update will likely be on Monday as I'm away over the weekend :)

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  1. Have fun trying to get all that Imperial iconography off those legs!

    It was nice to see you again in person!