Sunday 17 May 2015

Mars Attacks - Martian Marines

Afternoon Guys and girls,

Its update time again bit of a gap as last weekend I was away in Bath and then Bristol

I've been working away on more Mars Attacks stuff and have pretty much finished 5 martian marines:

These have been rather fun to work on, infact rather relaxing to paint given they are simple models. No getting bogged down on them.

I've also nearly finished the first batch of 5 American Marines:

Even attempted to paint the flag on his arm
And a Martian compared to a marine

These are a fair bit more time consuming than the martians as they do have a lot more going on with each model, They are still rather fun to paint.

As it stands thats around 50% of the core mars attacks box painted, I've made more progress on a bunch of other bits from it but nothing really worth of posting.

And as a final shout out, Mr Feral has returned to the world of blogging and set up a new blog:

He's currently working on a variety of bits such as chaos corrupted skitarii, so go take a look :)

Well thats it for now, next week may see some zombies, infinity and possibly some more martians


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!

    Keep up the painting, you never know you might actually get something completed. :)

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  3. Flag is backwards. Should be charging into battle when worn on right sleeve. Canton (blue field of stars) facing the left.

  4. Flag should be facing with the field to the right when worn on right arm sleeve.