Tuesday 13 January 2015

WiP Deadzone Plague

Evening guys,

The update is a bit later than promised mainly as I got distracted with farcry 4 and actually having a weekend to myself after the madness of the festive period at work.

Today I've just got a few more WiP plague conversions to show, been having some fun with these and as its a skirmish game I dont have to worry about doing loads of them.

First up we have a few additions to the one I posted in my last update:

I've added the start of oversized teeth jutting from his Jaw, given these are supposed to be constantly mutating I thought it would be fitting.

Next up we have a converted grenade launcher:

made from the barrel of a wargames factory sci-fi troopers grenade launcher and GS.

Finally a few assorted guys:

As I say they have been rather fun to work on so far, they are a bit slow burn given my current painting focus deadzone wise are my asterians.

In a final note, with the Horus Heresy Weekender approaching me and Nife have decided to enter the painting competition, now I know I have no chance in hell of winning but it will be a nice laugh. I'm entering just a single mini for it which will be a pyroclast. Just blocked the basic colours in so far:

Got 3 weeks to get him finished so wish me luck haha


  1. Nice sculpting work on the mutant things, even though I mostly detest Mantic miniatures.

    Have fun at the Weekender and feel free to respond to any of my Xbox Live requests. ;)

  2. The sculpting on your conversions looks top as usual bud.