Sunday 25 January 2015

Horus Heresy: White Scars Legion champion WiP

Evening guys,

Bit of a mixed bag of an update for you today. I've been spending a chunk of my normal hobby time having a huge sort out of my models and projects.

I've chucked out a bit, sorted out more stuff to sell and even completely changed direction in my plans for the Horus Heresy.

Now to the Latter my plans for my small force have already changed once from White scars to Salamanders. However this has now changed again, Nife is having all the Salamanders bits I had acquired over the last year.

My new plan is to return to an old favourite 40k army of mine the Word Bearers and instead do them for the heresy. I've placed a reservation order with FW that I'll be picking up at the weekender and then its a case of gathering some spray paints to get the main colours blocked in quickly.

Anyway enough talk, I have been doing some work on the one White scar I still have left a legion champion, I intend to enter him in the FW painting competition in place of the pyroclast:

I have also begun work on a Word Bearers model, a converted Terminator Armoured Centurion:

I have gone for a slightly chaotic theme, I want eh Word Bearers to have the start of the traditional Chaos Banding starting to be added to their armour. I've also Tried to incorporate the carved scripture so present on the Erebus and Kor Phaeron models into his breast plate.

Still a way to go on him yet but hes shaping up well.

Last but not least, I've fancied working on a fantasy themed model So I've been doing a few additions to a Mantic Goblin Hero I got for use in Dungeon Saga, Really nice little model but wanted to put my own mark on it and fix a few issues such as the sword:

Well thats it for now guys, hopefully will have some more stuff to show next week :)


  1. Nice! Sculpting on that Centurion is top notch, really looking forward to seeing him get painted.

    1. Cheers sir, will be a while before he is painted though. Intending to batch spray the word bearers so will need to get the rest put together first

  2. If you are going for Pre-Heresy Word Bearers, I suggest you get some of the wonderful Gal Vorbak!

    The White Scar's paintjob and the beginning sculpt work on the Word Bearer are looking promising.

    I like the Goblin's base, even though Milliput is much better and cheaper a basing material than Green Stuff is. ;)

    1. Got some Gal Vorbak on order will be picking them up at the Heresy Weekender ;) Being nagged to get Erebus at the moment but will save him for later

      I dont have any milliput at the moment where as I have plenty of GS :P

    2. Ah well if you have plenty of Green Stuff...

  3. The White Scar looks really good. I'm looking forward to seeing you build and paint the WB for your 30k army. The centurion looks fantastic, especially with the axe and you sculpted additions.