Sunday 22 January 2012

INQ28mm Paint in progress Heretek

Evening readers, time for another update and within a reasonable timescale since the last one haha

I have still got some hobbying mojo going and have been drawn back to a project I started about septemeberish last year, and that is INQ28mm.

I have decided to finally get my heretek painted up the rough idea is to get him and a retinue of 3 done in time for the Ammo Bunker Open bash in March, as Commisar Molotov who has the INQ28mm blog will be running some intro games which will be worth a look :)

So onwards to progress, the model is still heavily paint in progress but I thought I would share him with you guys to get some thoughts:

And his base:

A big thank you goes out to Mr Feral who gave me a few tips on painting the red, cheers dude. Speaking of which the red still needs a few glazes to add some shadows in the deepest recesses.

I'm thinking of possible adding some hazard stripes to the base to break up the solid metal tones, as it looks a little boring at the moment.

Also welcome to new follower Munky, cheers for the support dude


  1. Love that, very cool use of the sorceror model - what else can i see? A chaos hammer and that's all I can pick out!

  2. Cheers dude :)

    Chaos warrior hammer is right, spliced it together with an axe, theres also the slaaneshi themed head from the chaos marine sprue, eldar plasma grenade, IG bits, part of a tau pulse rifle. quite a few bits :P

  3. What the hell is inquisitor 28? 28mm inquisitor i guess?

    a good idea!

    I like this Ad mech guy. suitably, admech? lol
    Keep it coming buddy!!

  4. Indeed it is, though I know next to nothing about the game it seemed like a good excuse to make some character pieces :P

    Cheer dude :)

  5. Great work on him mate - love the red you've managed.

  6. Looking really awesome, I love the trim on the robe!

  7. Cheers guys, glad you like him :)

    @LuckyNo.5: thanks sir, the corrupted cog tooth trim on the robes was one of those lightbulb above my head moments haha pretty pleased with how its turned out.

    @Brummie: cheers dude, mojo is still not at full power but you will be pleased to know I might return to some zombie apoc stuff soon. The Trailer for Resident Evil 6 sort of rekindled my interest in the project haha