Friday 13 January 2012

First finished model of 2012

Morning readers hope you all had a good New Year and Christmas Period :-) its time for my first update of 2012:

As most of you know my mojo and interest for the hobby is pretty much gone and this year shall likely be incredibly slow model wise. However the past few days I have actually had a small bit of interest come back and have managed to finish a single marine for my Steel Praetorians Chapter:

Taken me about 3 days on and off to paint him, rather pleased with how he has turned out just need to decide on a chapter symbol for them so as it can go on his left shoulder pad. The suggest of a friend was to find a symbol the Roman Praetorian Guard used and simply modify that, so I think that is the dirrection I shall head in.

You will probably see a tatical squad of these guys get slowly painted up over the next few months, if my interest holds that is. As such my previous post with a list of things to do in the new year has gone out the window my main aim now is to finish at least 15 models during the course of the year a low number I know but I think even this few will be a struggle :-(

Also on the painting front I have begun to paint a Lunar Class Cruiser for BFG:

Its heavily WiP but is rather straight forward just loads of dry brushing and then I will pick out details like guns as well as adding some fine details like windows, some of which are on that picture (the white dots)

Well thats it for now hopefully there wont be massive gaps between updates, I shall try and get back into the habit of posting on here even if the updates will just be text or the odd sketch or something.

Before I go welcome to new follower Elotsip, cheers for the support dude :)


  1. Looks good. Why not use a simple roman sword symbol as the chapter badge?

  2. Hang on, i've not had a notification from Hell. Let me just check...nope nothing, sure they would of let me know if it had frozen over.

    A Marine and a Cruiser? What is wrong with you? At this rate we may get a game of BFG in come December...

  3. Cheers guys :)

    @Brummie: A Gladius with a few extras could work quite nicely, cheers for the suggestion dude :)

    @Rictus: Ah your normal brand of sarcasm, you do realise its Friday the 13th maybe thats what has caused me to paint ;)

    Might mix the cruisers in amongst painting other stuff as from my experience with this one so far they are very boring to paint :(

  4. That's an interesting colour scheme. I like purple.

    I imagine if you batched painted several at a time you'll have a small force in no time!

  5. Just finished looking over your site and I love the work your doing especially the sculpting.

    I am only just starting to teach myself the basics on sculpting details so I'l be keeping an eye n your work matey.

  6. @Feral: cheers dude, though batch painting is still beyond me at the moment can't take prolonged periods of painting without getting bored :-(

    @Munky: Cheers sir and thanks for the support :-) You'll find that sculpting is really rewarding the more you get into it

  7. Love those purple colors! Really unique for a marine scheme.