Friday, 15 July 2011

Valhallan Trooper Conversion WiP

Evening readers, bit of a random update here.

Was my brothers university graduation yesterday so spent the whole day at his campus and probs had a little to much wine before going and having a meal. So today I've been rather hung over and half dead haha :P

So to try keep myself awake during the day I have had a crack at converting a plastic catachan into a valhallan/soviet themed guardsman. This was inspired by a series of documentaries I've been watching called Soviet Storm: The war in the East which is about WW2 from the soviet perspective since watching it I've had an itch to make something Soviet themed for 40K.

Add to that the fact I wanted to have another crack at making a guardsman in a Great coat, I've tried multiple times but never been happy with the results. Anyway enough of me babbling on heres the pics:

He's come out pretty well so far, need to sort out some arms for him and finish off a few bits and pieces then he will be pretty much done. This guy will likely be a one off though its tempting to make a squad of them. We'll see what happens :P

Whilst I'm here welcome to new followers Vitor and Brummie cheers for the support guys :)


  1. That's outstanding.

    Kudos man, theres so much fine work here..

  2. Cheers dude :) glad you like him

  3. That's well awesome. Perfect head too, very Russian face. Goes really well I think.

    Give him a PPSH, go on, go on...

    Also, Russians had potato masher style grenades, smaller than the Germans. Do some!


  4. awesome. valhallan's were one of my first loves when I first got into 40k, look forward to the rest!

  5. Very nice job. I seriously envy people who can sculpt as my attempts are pants

  6. Cheers guys :)

    @Schoolcormorant: I shall see what I can do PPSH wise, though the more I think about it, it might move them a bit to far away from 40k. Potato masher grenades will be added though :D

    @The Amethyst Studios: cheers dude, they are soem of my faves too, a lot of the older guard models have more character than the current cadians shame GW haven't moved any of them to plastic really.

    @Brummie: cheers dude, keep at it with the sculpting just a case of getting a lot of practise in :)

  7. I think moving them to plastic was good price wise but I think they lost there character in doing so.

  8. Definately, the helmets on the older metal cadians are far better than the plastic ones, they just seem way too big. Same with the shoulder pads :(