Monday, 11 July 2011

Tablet sketch

Well I threatened it last time and well its here, time to put up a sketch :O

I'm a bit out of practice with the tablet been sketching on paper more lately so I'm a tad rusty, already can see mistakes on the face, finally beginning to get somewhere style wise too :D

right so to the artwork:

This is a character called Hana from a PS1 game called Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix , why such an obscure game I hear you ask well been sorting out the loft recently and found some old PS1 games in a box this being one of them, I vaguely remember playing it though I was always more into tekken and platform games than survival horror ones as a kid.

After a quick google search I decided to have a crack at drawing her. As her costume looked rather simple. Heres a link to the gamespot page for the game for those interested.

Added a few simple colours using the tone sheet effects I've got on GIMP, not a perfect drawing like I said but I feel that I'm improving.

Whilst on the subject of art I stumbled upon a great site the other day called been very useful for searching artists I like so as I can then look at their work and incorporate some of their influence into my own style :)

I guess this means I can put something on the Digital Art sub page at last haha


  1. Not bad. :)

    If I were to be critical (which I will be) the eyes are too big. There isn't enough room between them and I believe they are set too high as well.

    Hope that helps Si, and keep going!

  2. Cheers for the feedback dude :).

    Aye all the problems you have pointed out are ones I've spotted myself, problem with the tablet is it isn't as precise as drawing by hand so the eyes always seem to come out either to big or to small :(

    Think the lips on her are probs too big too, I'm learning though its quite a step forward from my old style :)