Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Mordheim: Finished Beastman

Another update in the space of a Day, what is this heresy :P

Just a quick one this time, managed to get the beastman finished today:

Really pleased with how this guy has turned out, put a lot of effort into it, using a wet palette for a lot of it to ensure I got some nice highlights. There are some parts I'm not happy with such as the horns, but I always struggle with painting bone.

The photos have washed the highlight to the fur and wood out some what, but then thay have also made the gems look really good, so I guess you win some and lose some :P

Now as I have this guy done I've got an itch to get a brethren painted up to see what they will look like :D

Well thats it for now, as ever let me know what you think guys


  1. Christ, i've never seen you work so quickly. Or do anything so quickly.

    Beastman looks good, like the hood especially and without the WIP pics you can't tell the GS work wasn't part of the original model.

  2. sarcastic git :P

    Cheers sir, really enjoying making the warband I guess thats why I got him painted up so quick and its odd for me to enjoy painting too :P