Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Kommander Sorscha Finished

Another update already, I'm as supprised as you guys :P

managed to get Sorscha pretty much finished today:

The pictures have come out horribly these are the best 2 of the batch and even these have washed out a lot of the highlights :( hall have to get some in proper daylight tomorrow.

Enjoyed painting this model, considering getting another warmachine model or two to paint, likely the khador widowmakers as I like the looks of those :)

Next on the painting list is the Sorceress I recently did GS work on. Shall get started on her in the coming days really need to finish off the first brethren  for the cult of the possessed too.

Also welcome to new followers Matias and Gewaltatron cheers for the support guys :)


  1. Very nice paintjob. Really like the base. I'm trying to resist buying into war machine.

    I was nearly tempted to buy some Maulifaux Frei korps the other day.


  2. Cheers dude, I'm not going to get an army as its very rare that I game these days. Just will get the odd few models as a painting project.

    Malifaux is tempting I must say, found some of those I would like to paint :)

  3. I pop into Waylands Forge in the centre of Birmingham every so often. Saying to myself 'I must resist, I must resist' LOL

    I'm just collecting at the moment, considering a few zombie apocalypse wargames.

    Maybe some skirmish wargames, Combat zone etc. Need to find some local clubs though first.

  4. Waylands forge? Where abouts in the city center is that dude? other than GW thought there was only modelzone and a model train shop whose name escapes me in the city center.

    zombie games tempt me too, just the cost soon adds up especially if you use studio miniatures zombies.

  5. Its by the Central Library/Council House theres like a underground walkway between Victoria Square and Broad St. They do all sorts.

  6. Awesome cheers dude, I think I shall have to pop into Birmingham next week and have a look.

    If I end up buying stuff I blame you :P