Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More WiP Vahallans and PiP Sorscha

Evening readers,

Got a quick update for you today, the valhallans have multiplied :P :

suprising myself how fast I have been able to get these 3 to this level, scary haha. The one who is pointing will be the sarge of the squad and will eventually be armed with a PPsH style SMG. I've never got the whole squad leaders get a CC weapon and a pistol its rather dumb so mine shall get SMGs which are CC weapons really.

Will get the hat and coat collar done on the sarge tonight :)

Next up we have my second ever Warmachine model, this time Kommander Sorscha. She is an awesome sculpt got her off a friend of mine for £3 a bargain to me. Started painting her today and this is the progress so far:

Pretty fun model to paint, steered away from the bright reds that seem to feature on all the khador stuff and given her a pale green and brown scheme which I think works quite well :)

Well thats it for now I expect next time I update I will have a 4th Valhallan to show :P speaking of which thanks for all the feedback to the first one I put up, its appreciated :)

Before I go what would you guys think to me entering like a squad of 5 of the valhallans into the Golden Demon at the UK gamesday, I know with my painting I have no chance in hell of winning anything but could be fun. Plus it gets you into the NEC slightly earlier than everyone else so is worth it just for that :P


  1. Looking good.

    As for Golden Demon they would be a good choice, however I think entries have to be 'game legal' so you may need to do a ten man squad, or do a command squad to keep the numbers down.

  2. cheers dude, aye your right double checked and they do have to be game legal. I think a command squad is a good idea.

    had no intention of makign an army of these anyway so a nice command squad on a display base would be rather cool :)