Friday, 3 June 2011

Whats on the Desk

Evening readers,

Its time for a update again, this time just a general whats on the desk update:

First up are the first 4 brethren for the possessed, they are taking shape very slowly as I'm enjoying taking my time on them:

some close ups:

this is the first brethren I started and he is very nearly finished, just need to finish off his armour and add some details ot his back.

This is the first of 2 planned female brethren, I took the legs from one of the archers, shaved and filed them down, the torso and head are scratch sculpts. Decided to have her wearing her mask too and I'm quite pleased with how it looks. I still need to decide on weapons for her and do more tidying up and sculpt work.

Next up shall be my painting project for a while:

Squad of wyches which I've had built for ages, figured I haven't painted anything for a while so shall work on these as I do the conversion work on the cult of the possessed. It was a close call between the wyches and doing some Tau stuff, the wyches won out mainly because of me discovering a DE forum called The Dark City via luckyno.5s blog which has a lot of inspiring DE stuff on it.

Right figured I would do another one of my posts on stuff that I find inspiring:

LordDirks log on Advanced Tau tactica:  I love this log, LordDirk posts up a lot of concept sketches for Tau stuff, ranging from new auxilliary races through to designs for Farsight enclave warriors. His concepts for armoured kroot heavily influenced my own kroot who have had armour and helmets added (I shall get round to posting these soon).

[Wolfs16's Tau log] The ARC-16's on Advanced Tau tactica: Another hugely inspiring log for me the conversion work he has done especially on true scaling his crisis suits is amazing. The inspired me to upscale my own Crisis suits though in no where near as complex manor. I really like how he posts Fluff for each unit when he finishes painting them too.

I shall leave it at just those 2 this time round :)

Before I go welcome to new followers Warhamster and atr_127 cheers for the support guys :)

Thats it for now shall have another update in a few days time, until then make sure you go see the new X-men film as it is pure win  :D


  1. Nice stuff, glad to see progress on the warband.

    I like the bases you've made, I've gone the lazy resin bases way on mine. :P

  2. Cheers dude :) I just sculpted the bases to save having to wait for resin ones to be delivered :p

    I'm not impatient at all :P