Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Ammo Bunker Open Bash '11

Afternoon readers, well its been a day since the Ammo Bunker Open bash '11 So I thought I would share a few pics of what went on :)

So this is my 3rd time attending the Ammo bunkers annual meet up I always enjoy them great place to get some inspiration and have a laugh to boot.

This year I didn't take a army to game with, just a few models for the project display table. This freed me up to go round chatting was good to catch up with the guys.

So here are some pics from the day, first up the project table which is literally a table full of really inspiring models:

The models I took for the Table
The Table virtually full of hobby goodness
Dave38x's Tau Auxillia tanks and Infantry
El_Diablos Plague hulk
De Selbys Mawloc
1 of Commisar Molotovs Inq28mm warbands

Next up are some pics of the giant Battlefleet Gothic game called "Assault on the Aut're'Vash Anchorage" that was made by Marovian and Dave38x and featuring their fleets plus those of Sheep and Vincent1989:
The Board at the start of the game
Close up of some of the amazing detail of the board
Board during the Game
The Board itself was utterly fantastic, the amount of detail put into it with the stars and gas clouds has to be seen to be believed.

Next up is a pic of Digit's "Camp Talvenus" terrain, which is a Imperial guard base complete with tents, prefab command units, storage container, command post and much more:

Camp Talvenus set up on the day
Though I didn't have an army to game with on the day, it didn't mean I didnt have the chance to get a game in as Rictus had brought along the "Dam Bustas" table which is an Aeronautica Imperialis game whcih I had a go at. Must say I really like the A.I rules, they are simple but very tactical with you having to guess on exactly where your opponent will move in order to get a decent fire ark on them:

Dam Bustas board
Close up of the Dam
Another shot of the Dam
Fightas circle an armoured column
The orks charge forwards
The objective of the game was for the 2 ork blasta bommas to destroy the dam, with the Imperials needing to destroy the Blasta Bommas to win. Thanks to some very lucky rolling Rictus managed to destroy 1 of the blasta bommas in a single turn, however the last blasta bomma managed to get to the damn and drop its pay load, but failed to destroy the damn by a single point of damage haha.

I'm going to look into getting a few A.I. models for the next bash

I wasn't as bad as normal on the buyign front either and my loot from the bash is just a single box of scourges(fantastic kit btw) which shall be next in line to paint after the wyches :)

Well thats it for now, shall update in a few days time :)

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