Saturday, 25 June 2011

Blast from the Past: My Dark Elves part 1

Afternoon readers, though it would be nice to do one of these look back type of posts ever since I saw Rictus do his over on Recalcitrant Daze.

So give the new batch of stuff about to be released for them I thought I would dig out my old Dark Elf army and take some pictures and talk about them.

First got my Dark elves many many years back, when they were first rereleased, so the same time the current black guard, witch elves, executioner models were first released :P think I was in like year 8 or 9 at high school then haha.

Dark Elves are my favourite fantasy race bar none, love their imagery and back ground and I believe they are one of the finest ranges GW have done. The executioners, black guard and witch elves all still look great even now :)

Dark Elves are also special to me because it is via them that I first got into sculpting, learning how to work with GS via character converting. I completely revamped the army with new colour scheme in around 2005-2006 this is of course when I first started dabbling in GS and around the same time I returned to the hobby.

So enough babbling from me here are the pictures:

Converted Sorceresses

Sorceress base
Sorceresses, what Dark elf armour would be complete without them, these 1 are both based off of the fantastic Wood elf spellsingers who lets be honest are far superior to the current Dark elf sorceress models. Thes pair were inspired by an old log of Georcs, he of course made a far better job than I did :P

Converted characters
Converting dark elf characters is something I still enjoy doing to this day, even if I haven't made one in a fair while. the executioner themed one started life as a High elf Prince, with a load of GS work(which looks crude now by my current standard.

The Corsair themed character is based on an old beast master, with the sword of an assassin and cloak from darkblade brought back in the days of the bits service. The GS work on her is showing its age :(

Executioners, still some of my fave GW models
Shades, also great sculpts
Corsairs, still prefer these to the current plastics


More spearmen

1 of 3 regiments of repater crossbowmen
Reaper bolt throwers
As you can see these models are showing their age a bit, my GS skill have vastly improved since then as has my painting. I am considering updating these again, though largely neatening up some stuff, adding snow to their bases and giving them a different skin tone.

The 2 sorceresses might have the old GS work ripped off and be redone, same with the other characters. Hell they might get some new toys in the form of the new sorceress that is coming out with the storm of magic stuff, possibly even the black dragon too :P.

I still have some more Dark elves to show but I will do that in another post. Thanks for looking guys and normal service shall resume in a day or 2 :)


  1. Nice post - I've been meaning to do the same with some of my painted stuff and add some background.

    Love the sorcerers, they're fantastic conversions! I love the pillar of shadow daemons the one with the staff is riding along on :)

  2. cheers sir :)

    I think I might remake the sorceresses might buy new versions of the models to do updated one and then I can post them next to each other.

  3. Didn't think you had an actual army painted up.:p

    I think it needs a shiny new placcy Black Dragon, hehe! :)

  4. I can occasionally finish sme models :P

    The black dragon is a possibility, definately gettign the plastic sorceress, might replace my old cold one knights with the newer plastics too will solve the problem of the lances breaking off constantly :)