Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mordheim: Cult of the Possessed WiPs

Evening readers, time for a small update

This time it is again Mordheim focussed, as I have slowly been making some progress on the warband:

This is a brethren armed with a 2 handed axe the conversion work is pretty much done of him he is my current favourite of the warband.

Next up is another Brethren:

This guy shall eventually be armed with a spear, been working n gettign the details on his body done before I glue the arms on. need to sort him out a head too.

Lastly we have the first WiP Dark Soul of the warband:

I decided to give him a blood pact style mask to make him look more vicious than the rest of the warband, he aslso has chain mail armour which includes full sleeves. The idea with this is that he thinks he has metal skin when really its just armour these dark souls are meant to be insane after all :P

the mask its self needs some tidying up too.

I should have some WiP pics of the first mutant for the warband soon as I have gathered the parts to make him :)

In the next Blog update I should have some IG as well as the result of me trying to convert an Epic scale eldar guardian into a fire warrior for use on some A.I terrain I'm mad I know :P

As ever any comments and suggestions are more than welcome :)


  1. Nice, the first one is pretty cool, what the mask and hood and things.

    The Darksoul's nose is crooked too, but you probably already knew that. :p

  2. Wow dude, just came across your blog (i'm a Mordheim player too :D) and these guys are AWESOMELY sculpted. Can't wait to see these guys painted up -- followed!

  3. Cheers guys :)

    @Radical Edward: Cheer sir, only just got into mordheim myself very much enjoying it though. actually a cheap system to play and loads of scope for conversions.

    I'm already plotting an Undead warband to do after these guys :P