Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back to Fantasy

Evening readers, its update time again.

After getting my dark elves out the other day and the level of interest I have maintained in the cult of the possessed I have come to the conclusion that it must be 40k that is the root of my mojo problems and general lack of interest in painting. 

Its about time I had a break from 40k, focused on it for about 5 years (maybe more) admittedly I have worked on  Flames of War on and off during that period too. I intend to fix this and what better way than to update my Dark elves.

I'm not going the whole hog and completely repainting them, as I like the scheme as it is. However I do intend to give them a new paler skin tone, touch up some areas/add some extra highlights and also add some snow to their bases.

So to kick it off I have made the rather tough decision to remove the old GS work a replace it all, putting my improved sculpting skills and tools to use, here is where she at now:

New version

The Old version as it looked, this morning

Pretty pleased with her, shows how much my sculpting skills have improved since the original version with its badly push molded head and rough armour. I looked at the new plastic sorceress for ideas hence why she now has an exposed stomach :)

Also welcome to new followers Ed and quidamcorvus thanks for the support guys :)

As ever let me know what you think guys


  1. Your certainly getting the hang of this GS malarky Si, looks great. If you've got any spare daggers from the Wych kit why not add one? Would add a little more interest to the arms.

  2. Cheers Steve :) I'm pretty pleased with the face got it to a point I was happy with on my first attempt, normally takes a few attempts to get it right :(.

    Think I have some Dark eldar daggers about, shal see how it looks :)

  3. Big improvement, I have to say the original face does look rather like a blow up doll...

  4. haha cheers sir, now as I look at it it does look like a blow up doll :P