Thursday 21 January 2016

Blast from the Past: Ad Mech

Evening Guys and Girls,

Bit of a retro post for you tonight, as I mentioned before I have been having quite a large clear out of hobby related things. In the bottom of one of the boxes I found an old little warband that I thought some of you may like to see:

These are old now scarily old when I think about it. I first made these for the Ammobunkers Gamesday participation game in what has to be 2008.... It was a zombie kill team game with small warbands attempting to escape a world where the ad mech have accidentally released a virus. Was a great little concept and marked my first time helping out at a Games Day participation game.

These guys were made in the infancy of my journey into sculpting so to my older and wiser eyes look incredibly crude.

The basic skitarii are all based around Empire flagellent and cadian parts with heavy GS modification

The Magos is based around a cadian, I remember sculpting those mechadendrites now they are the stuff of nightmares. He has hands off a marine and a shoddy attempt at sculpting a bionic leg.

I may well have to try make an updated version of this warband for a bit of a challenge, would be interesting to see how 8 years of additional hobbying experience would look compared to these.

Anyway thats it for now, I'll be back over the weekend 


  1. I'm glad I threw out all my stuff from around that time, I'd only wince in pain at the shoddy paintwork.

  2. I think I remember seeing these back then! You've certainly gotten further, sculpting and painting wise, and I for one would like to see you re-do a warband like this. :)