Sunday 16 November 2014

We Come in peace

Afternoon guys,

Its been quiet in here the past Month, I haven't been up to much hobbywise in that time short of trying to get some Tau bits done in time for the Meet up(which happened last week)

Speaking of the meet up a great time was had by all, highlights included:

  • Me winning only 1 game over 3 days.....
  • Rictus's  single unit of Plague drones routing half my Tau force
  • Nifes Wraith cannons killing my riptide with one hit
  • Nifes Fire Dragons killing a commander and 3 crisis suits in 1 turn

The Tau didn't fair well at all this meet up, often failing moral checks and running or in the case of the commander and entourage deep striking in killing 4 dire avengers then all getting nuked by fire dragons. bad luck and dice rolls are to blame, I'll have revenge next time......

Whilst I was away however a box of goodies arrived, 1 year after I backed it my Mars attacks stuff is here. Much like a child at christmas I spent an afternoon going through the contents of the box.

I must say Mantic get better and better. Considering the models are primarily board game pieces and not true wargaming models the quality on them is fantastic. I have of course had to paint up a batch of martians, result are below:

They need some tidying up mainly an extra highlight to the face and some work on the boots/glooves
however I intend to have a final pass over them all when I've finished more of them. Because of this the clear domes aren't glued on yet.

I'm tackling another 5 martians next, then I will likely do the martian General Tor Character.

In other news I shall be in attendance at the Horus Heresy weekender again next year with the normal shady Characters of Nife and Rictus, this time we will even be accompanied by Grizz.

Last time we went me and Nife challenged ourselves to enter into the painting competition this year, so I will be putting together a single model and attempting to push my painting. Given the quality of the stuff there last time I know I have next to no chance of winning but it should be a laugh.

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  1. Don't forget I went undefeated all weekend and won four games of Dreadball in a row...

    That was my highlight anyway.

    Mars Attacks and the figures still aren't really my thing, but they turned out nice.