Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WiP: The Morbid Saint #2

An update? midweek? What is this madness........

Figured that given I missed one the other week I would make up for it now. And what better to show than some progress on the Nurgle Daemon prince. Here he is so far:

He is getting closer and closer to completion, just need to sort out a right arm for him. The biggest decision to make though is whether to give him wings.

Now bare in mind that this guy is a gift for Rictus and upon asking him if he wanted wings he said it was up to me, now as I like to pass responsibility on what do you guys think? wings or no wings?

And on a side note I have taken a brave step into something rather new for me, terrain:

I have had a set of Deadzone terrain knocking around for a few months now, so figured I'd best get cracking on it.  It will be running dual use between both Deadzone and Infinity though it will be drawing most of its inspiration from the infinity side of things.

Still very much a work in progress but I plan to actually scratch build a few buildings out of Foamcard which should be quite a learning curve.

Well thats it for now, will be back on Sunday with more infinity bits and pieces


  1. No wings. His atrocious odour elevates him.

    Like the poster and the terrain.

    I don't suppose you've advanced your Chaos Magister and co. any further?

  2. i'm the opposite, I think the nurgle fly wings would look boss on him.