Sunday, 20 July 2014

Infinity: WiP Terrain #1

Well its that time of week again.

This week I bring you something completely new for me and out of my comfort zone, that being terrain building..

It's been rather warm around here the past week which normally knocks my painting mojo right away. So instead of painting I have been dabbling in terrain.

With the next meet up of Me, Nife and Rictus rapidly approaching and with it this time being held at Nifes we will be playing a variety of None GW stuff and most notably will be giving both Deadzone and Infinity a spin.

Given both these games function well with a decent amount of terrain on the go I figured I would try knock some bits up to take with me.

My initial experiments are all basic things built around parcel boxes and the like. I know some within the Infinty community convert their buildings to have fully playable interiors but that is rather beyond my limited skills:

Large building very basic work done at the moment

Slightly smaller building

Hexagon tiles are the mark of the future apparently :P

The box on top will eventually be an upper level, nice way of recycling boxes from Infinity sets.

Finally we have a little more work done on the building I'm working on that is made from Deadzone tiles:

Now I'm not going to win any terrain making prizes anytime soon as theses are well rather crude, but I'm rather chuffed with them as it has been a complete new learning curve. I might make 1 of 2 more and then wait and see what terrain is included in the rumored Infinity starter set.

Well thats all for now folks, might have something during the week if it cools down any.


  1. Terrain building goes over my head too!

    Good start, I think you should stick with the clean hexagonal shapes as they fit the Infinity look.:)

  2. Terrain? From Si? I'm impressed, looking good. Gimme a shout if you need any help.