Sunday, 17 January 2016

The fleeting muse:INQ28

Morning guys and girls,

Have more of a reflective post today. I've been busy the past few weekends sorting though the back catalogue of armies and bits and having a mass cut back. Some of this has gone to good causes such as that fiendish Dane Rasmus. Others have gone to model heaven also known as the bin.

Amongst the things I have been sorting I have found my inq28 stuff. These have languished for months as the sculpting muse has all but left me.

Underhive scum, Crime boss, Bounty hunter.

I had a brief return to form and productivity with Frostgrave. But of late I have been more at home simply painting.

I often look on blogs such as the Convertorum, Ex Profundis and forums like the ammobunker and see all the fantastic work going on. It will give me the urge to make something but its quickly dissipates.

I don't think I have the imagination or connection as much these days with the whole grim dark universe. Maybe its too long getting more involved in high sci-fi stuff like infinity or deadzone or maybe its me working on the again high scifi looking Tau for so long.

Either way the muse seems to have left me and I can do no more than look on the great work going on enviously knowing that the minute I attempt to make something I hit the brick wall.

Gene enhanced Guardsman, Inquisitor, Interrogator 

Chaos Magister

You will see form the pictures of old models I have put up just how close they all are to completion, but I just can't get them done. My guess is they will have to languish in model purgatory for a fair while longer...

Rather negative post I know  but its a topic that has been in my head for a while.

On a more positive note, with some Christmas money and a voucher given to me by Nife and his other half I made my first purchase of 2016:

bets on how long it will take me to finish, personally I'm thinking at least 6 months.........


  1. I know what you mean!

    I want to start rereading some of my Black Library collection again for the inspiration.

    1. Gets annoying doesn't it :P

      I thought like me you would draw inspiration from comics as much as from the actual GW side of things.

      You still need to sculpt scale mail too ;)

    2. I don't read many comics nowadays, and the high-concepts of superheroics don't translate well to 40k at all.

      I managed to start reading Treacheries of the Space Marines again - that is starting to stoke the furnace of inspiration.

      Scale mail is not something I think I can grasp I'm afraid!

  2. I understand your lack of motivation completely.. I think feral has a good solution though.. rereading old white dwarf's does it for me .. although the lack of new materiel art and stories that i feel connected to is a wall that i cant often surmount .. only old reference material get me excited about modelling. I try not to feel bad about not wanting to hobby these days , the motivation comes and goes and i accept it.. for what it is..

    having said that I really like those models you made , they are such striking examples of creativity within the confines of the genre.. and i have often looked at that bounty hunter in my inspiration folder and thought what a fantastic pose ..

    1. Thanks for the reply, I'm actually rather chuffed you have one of my models in your inspiration folder :)

      I find that games, comics and movies inspire me more so than most GW fiction these days. So after seeing the new Star Wars I had ideas for a Kylo Ren style Inquisitor sadly it didn't get much further than brainstorming.

      Your attitude seems to be a good one to embrace, I know at times I seem to force myself to do certain projects such as my Horus Heresy stuff which I think realistically is doomed to failure

  3. I haven't painted or modelled anything in months but these figures are fantastic and capture be imagery from sources like the =I= rulebook perfectly! Would love to see you finish some of them and hopefully some day soon.