Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year and a Cadre Fireblade

Happy New Year guys and girls,

As ever the festive period flies by especially when you work retail and spend most of it at work....2015 wasn't the greatest of years for me so I'm hoping 2016 will bring with it better times.

I haven't had much chance to hobby over the festive period, only finishing off a few bits and pieces  foremost of which is a cadre fireblade for my Tau:

I feel like I'm getting there with the Tau, infantry wise I don't have much left to paint. The main project for the new year for them will be mass battlesuits.

Speaking of the new year I figured I would give something a go that I have seen on many other blogs and forums before. A track of everything painted for the year as well as models purchased, I hope it will give me a bit of a kick to try break the large back log of models and projects and stop me from adding much more to the pile.

I've added a little column to the right hand side of the blog to keep track of it all :)

With that I'm off to carry on recovering from the food and drink of yesterday, again happy new year everyone


  1. Looking good Si, nice to see him getting painted up!

  2. Nicely done.

    Got any plans for the most recently released stuff?

  3. Digging the paintjob mate, although I've never really liked the model. :)

    The counter is a really, really good idea, I might... take inspiration... from it. ;)