Sunday, 1 June 2014

WIP - Infinity Knights #1

Well I've kept my promise (That'll teach you Sheep ;) ), here is the first of what I hope will be weekly posts on what I have been up to hobby wise.

This week its focusing on some stuff I have had sitting around for a while but have been too scared to attempt to paint incase I ruined such nice models. That being Infinity more specifically the Pan Oceania Military Orders starter set.

Now I also have a Yu Jing set too and I will get around to them soon hopefully. For now I was struck by an itch to paint something the other day and dropped on the box. I decided screw it might as well attempt to paint them so here are my WIP results thus far:

Teutonic Knight:

This guy is nearing completion. I wanted to try something different to the blue armour that the models on the box had so opted fro green. He has been an experiment as its one of the first models I have actually painted over a white basecoat.

I'm actually pretty pleased with the freehand and armour. I still need to darken his base down further so as it doesn't blend in with his tabard too much. A big thanks to that fiendish Dane Rasmus for that suggestion on skype.

Order Sergeant:

There are 4 of these guys in the box so this one has been the test bed for my scheme for them. I have opted to attempt poorly may I add digital camo on his fatigues. This again is to give a bit more realism to him (as real as space knights in power armour can be) he is farm more heavily WiP than the teutonic knight but hopefully you will get an idea of the scheme.

I have been really enjoying painting these guys, so much so I ordered a few bits to go with em, one of which will mark my first attempt at converting an infinity model, wish me luck haha.

As ever let me kno wwhat you think :)


  1. Have always like the look of infinity models, just nothing really caught my attention. An dnow my attention being taken by Knight models, don't think I'll be getting any, so I have to live vicariously through your blog updates.

    I'll wait until you finish these before I pass judgement :D currently all I can think is Tau.

    Look like I 'll have to get it together and join you guys for your gaes of dreadball and such. I could bring my kaosball (when ever that turns up) although I'll have to sit on my tod is 40k is played I am out of that now D:

  2. Like I said on skype mate, the knight looks great. Adding the wash to the base seems to have given a bit more contrast, I think.

    And the camo on the fatigues is looking good, don't knock it. :)