Monday, 26 May 2014

The Cult is Alive

7 Months.................that is a long time. I'm blowing the dust off my little corner of the internet. I have had a lot on my plate in real life of late and documenting the bit of work I have been doing dropped to the bottom of the list of priorities. Things however have begun to look up and after a rough few months I am back.

Originally I wasn't going to ressurect this blog, I figured 7 months is too long a time to expect to come back, yet it appears I have acttually gained a fair few followers in my hiatus so thank you guys for bearing with me. I suppose it is 3 people who are to blame for me deciding to bring the blog back to life they are Rictus, Nife and Mr feral who have all badgered and nagged me at various points to start posting again.

It is from the aforementioned Nife that I intend to base the future of this blog on. He tries to do 1 update a week with progress shots of whatever he has worked on, this is a formula that I will try and emulate.

So what are my current projects I hear you ask, well here are a few:

GW - I have condensed my GW side of the hobby down into 3 items those being:

  • Tau Empire - These guys are my gaming army that see use in my regular meets with Rictus and Nife and will incorporate a small AI force of planes
  • 30K Shattered legions force -  a small mainly Zone Mortallis themed army to match Rictus' Death Guard and Nifes eventual Space wolves
  • Inq28 - I shall explore any other ares of 40k here be they 1 off chaos guys or what ever else
So my GW side has been cut down pretty heavily, the Red Corsairs are abandoned, as they are I still have enough points finished to run a small ZM force but they won't be expanded beyond that. Everything else such as my planned 500pt Necron force etc have been mothballed.

Out side of GW I have the following smaller projects:

  • Deadzone - I have the Enforcered Started set as we;; as a selection of terrain that will do dual service between this and Infinity
  • Dreadball - I am still yet to finish painting a corporation team
  • Infinity - I have my Yu Jing as well as a starter set of Pan Oceanic templars to paint up
So I intend to try do an update once per week time permitting, these might wellbe rather boring updates but at least it will help me get back into the swing of things. Until then I will leave you with a small WIP picture of someting of an Inq28 theme, a Chaos magister:


  1. It's alive!

    Good to see you back in the game, I look forward to seeing "weekly" updates. :p

    1. I should really start nagging you into re starting your blog I mean its only fair given you did it to me :P

  2. Pretty sure this was foreseen as an omen of the End Times.

    UKIP doing well in the Euro elections and then this.

    It won't last...

    1. Could be worse, BNP could have won the elections and I might have finished an army................

      Luckily that isn't the case haha

  3. Back from the dead. For once, it seems like a good thing ;)
    Anyway, that Chaos Magister conversion is very nice (took me a couple of seconds to figure out what the base model was. Nice choice!) and I look forward to seeing more of your excellent work :)



    1. Many thanks sir :)

      Half the problem with this inq28 stuff is trying to find a model that hasn't been used to much before by the community at large as the basis for a conversion. always a fun little challenge though.

  4. Holy shit! He's back.

    I give it 2 weeks . . . . ;)

    Still amazingly characterful sculpting and conversions mate, look forward to more, and hope you last longer than a fortnight.

    1. Ye of little faith, I think for such a comment I will have to aid Rictus in "Encouraging" your resin crack habit ;)

      Cheers though sir

  5. Kept this quiet didn't you...

    Welcome back!

  6. I've been watching and waiting and got bored so I started my own blog while I waited for yhu to return :D

    1. haha Nife did tell me that you had started one. I shall go and check it out sir :)

  7. Really cool conversions there mate. Also I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for an Liebster Award! Keep up the great work!