Sunday, 8 June 2014

WiP: The Morbid Saint #1

Good afternoon guys,

Week 3 and I've managed another blog post, scary isn't it...........

I'm back at work this week so painting time has been rather limited, however the first order sergeant for my infinity knights is approaching completion. He will likely feature in a mid week update as he is so close to being finished I might as well just wait until he is done.

This update is dedicated to the start of a pair of projects, originally I wasn't going to blog these instead presenting them when they were finished to their relevent recipients. But Nife has twisted my wrist.

After our last meet up I hit upon the idea of converting a model each for my normal Partners in crime Rictus and Nife. For nife it was decided to convert him an Eldar Autarch as given the heroic exploits of his Striking scorpion Exarch going toe to toe with a great unclean one and all manner of other beasts it seemed only fair that he/she would be promoted.

Now Nifes model will be based off the Dark Eldar character Lilith and will be quite complex, so much so I'm actually still planning just exactly how I will achieve it.

I figured I can't leave Rictus out of this as despite his constant bullying, nagging and persuading me to buy things he is generally a nice guy ;) so I tried to figure out what to make him, it hit me to make something for his daemons then I tried to think of a unit he didn't have and thus was the idea of creating him a Daemon prince born.

Here is the start of him:

Now I already have a nice name/theme picked out that being "The Morbid Saint" named after the lyrics from the below Marduk song. I figured the blowing parchment can contain lists of contagions and prayers to nurgle, and with him being skinnier than your average nurgle daemon he can represent famine or something, though this is entirely in Rictus' hands when he gets the model.

He is converted from a Necron Deciever model I had purchased a while back, given Rictus has used all manor of none Daemon models for his heralds I figured basing it off the C'Tan would follow his theme.

Now this will be the first Rictus hears of this so lets hope he likes the idea, if he doesn't well I can see the next FW open day ending up being expensive.........

Finally to finish this little update, with the spare GS from the Daemon prince I did some more work on my Truescale chaos marine for Inq28:

Still heavily WiP but is a nice slow burn project.

Thats it for now will be baack mid week with more painted Infinity stuff.

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  1. An update, whaaaaaaaaaaa?

    Nice tattered cloth on the Prince, I can never work out how to sculpt cloaks and cloth myself!