Tuesday, 22 January 2013

WiP: White Scar commander Part 2

Evening readers,

Another quick update time of day, I figured seen as I want to post on here more often I might as well do more WiP posts charting progress on the bits I'm working on. So here is how the White Scars Praetor is shaping up:

Most recent bit of work I have done is the power weapon blade which I did only last night, really chuffed with how it came out. I've also added some thinned down badab black washes to the recesses of his armour as suggested by a few of you.

All in all not to much more do on him, infact I'm going to begin building the first 5 Legionnaires to go with him :)

In other news look what I came back from work to:

Was only a day late after UPS claimed it was too dangerous to deliver it, I swear a few inches of snow and this country falls apart. I've had a quick look throgh it and i'm impressed great casts with only a some minimal mold lines to remove. Me being me I already have a few conversion ideas in mind for the load of extra models I got from backing it at the biohazard level.

Expect a few Sedition wars themed updates over the weekend as I will likely get a test model or 2 done :)


  1. The scar dude is looking excellent mate. The black wash has really helped to define the armour plates, and the other elements of the sculpt.

    Look forward to seeing some of those sedition wars models, I'm a bit upset I didn't get to back it, but they'd just be more models to add to the pile.

  2. Loving what you've done, especially with the sword.

  3. Nice work the sword looks really good.

  4. The sword is perfect! He looks like he's been scrapping for weeks, great work. Scars have always been one of my favourite Legions/Chapters, I hope they get a lot more love in the Heresy stuff.