Sunday, 20 January 2013

WiP white scar and ramblings

Afternoon readers, its been a few weeks since my last update and I must say I haven't really managed to accomplish much on the hobby front :| I personally blame work, Borderlands 2 and me much prefering to read to actually siting and hobbying of late.

However to appease that master of nagging known only as Rictus, i thought I would put up a WiP of my latest Horus Heresy themed model. I've abandoned the idea of doing the imperial fists, the yellow just takes too long and well bores me due t the many many layers you have to put down.

So given I dont want to do another red powerarmour force which rule sout Blood angels, the only siege of terra legion left is the white scars:

This guy has been rather fun, some GS work was done t add the legion symbol to the kneed pad and gauntlet as well as giving him a fur cloak the bottome half of which is taken from a spacewolf. Theres still a fair amount of work to be done on him but hes shaping up quite well.

Next up is a little more progress on the Inq28mm front, i've managed to do a little more sculpting work on the gene enhanced guardsman:

With Inq28mm I find that inspiration will suddenly hit but without it I do struggle for ideas, I'm not the best at thinking up the whole grim dark themes of 40k instead I draw alot of inspiration from comics, games and movies. Hell even music, the black metal music that I like is usually good for Chaotic inspiration.

My most recent purchases of the Borderlands 2 and Darksiders 2 artbooks have given me some ideas, in the case of borderlands the concept art for the varied types of bandits has filled me with ideas for necromunda or cultists. And the darksiders one has given me an idea for a archo flagellent/combat servitor.

Anyway thats enough of my rambling for now, I'll be back with an update during the week as my copy of sedition wars will be arriving tomorrow unless the tracking number lies........


  1. And I thought you were dead! (for the 17th time)

    Nice work on the 'scar marine. Only thing I'd contemplate is more defined shadows between the armour plates, they'd have more grime/dust/dirt/oil stains in them. It'd fit more with the chipping, make the whole piece pop more (yawn, "pop" what a cliché!.

    I'm getting shot of a load of marines at the end of this month (on a climbing course next week, hard life ;) ) so if you are after cheap (maybe even free) bits give me a ping. I do have a bunch of FW stuff destined for eBay in Feb too...mates rates etc.

    1. Just because I drop off the face of the internet for prolonged periods doesnt mean I'm dead, though I conceed that dearest Wolvo isn't the safest of places ;)

      I'll be putting some watered down badab black into teh recesses dont you worry :)

      I would be interested in a look at what your selling so will drop you an email, even if you never replied to my last cut me deep hahaha

  2. Lovely work Si, where's the head from? Fits perfect as a scar, as would some of the Chaos Marauder Horsemen heads. I agree with Gonzo that a bit of collected muck and dust in the cracks and crevices would make him even better. I actually fancy starting an Ultras force for the Heresy :)

    I know what you mean about Inq too - I prefer my Inq a bit more Abnett-inspired rather than "zomg crazy gothicness". Love the genhanced guardsman. I've been thinking about making an AdMech warband for Inq - the Nurgle Lord may be the place to start for my Skitarii warrior...

    1. Cheers dude, I was tempted to do ultras too i must say, however having the small force themed as being at the palace won out in the end.

      The head is a converted space wolf one(have a million of the things) just shaved off the side burns and braid and stuck on the top knot from another head.

      Aye I take more of a futuristic vibe with mine, the gothic is all well and good but its done to death only so many things covered in skulls you can take. Go for it with the Ad mech would be good to see. The plastic chaos warriors sorcerer is quite a useful thign for em too its what I converted my heretek from :)

  3. They are both coming along very nicely. I do love the background for the White Scar's

    1. Cheers dude, can't go wrong with power armoured mongolians in space :P

  4. Told you you should do White Scars.

    1. Happy now?

      Now go nag Dan I believe he has heresy era ultras to paint.

      Also decide on the legion your going to do...........