Sunday, 27 January 2013

Does this look infected

Afternoon readers update time again.

Been working on 2 test models to try out some skin  tones for the Strain:

This one is meant to be a more freshly mutated example so has a slighlty more aliveish skin tone, the pictures have kinda washed out the skin, he looks a lot better in the flesh :(

This one is mean to be a corpse that has been mutated by the strain nano virus so I have gone for a more greyish skin tone on him.

Both of these guys were done largely with a mix of washes, glazes and dry brushing over a white basecoat. The models themselves are brilliant loads of little details and plenty of opportunity for gore :D

Me being me I have already begun a sculpting based conversion:

This is a very WIP Samaritan who has fallen prey to the virus and mutated into a monstrosity, gone for segments of his armour still remaining, most of which is cracked by the mutating effect bulking him up.

I have plans for a Strain version of the female samaritan trooper sculpt too, though I have cheated slighly on that and have taken a push mold of her head and part of her torso armour that I can then work around :)

Theres plenty of sources I have been drawing inspiration from for these guys, Movies such as The Thing and the videos game enemies such as Husks from mass effect, Necromorph from Deadspace and of course the Flood from Halo.

Thats it for now guys, hopefully more updates will follow during the week.


  1. They are nice and meaty looking chaps, nice paint and GS work

  2. Ooh, nice work on the converted strain there! I'll have to consider copying that for my own set mate, even though I'll be happy if my own attempt turn out half as well as your work. The painted ones are looking good too.

  3. Imho, try to use different colour for the infected areas like purple or gree and add kind of slime to it, think it will make it more ifected for the looks, as of convertated miniature you just got me, they are awesome.

  4. iPaint ;)

    Nice to see your interest piqued with these new minis, long may it continue. I've got a couple of SS lurking in the hedgerows for you, I'll post them out Thursday/Friday this week.

  5. With these I like that he looks alive, still really raw living flesh (on the top one). Whereas the other one looks like he's more drained and knackered...